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North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group Challenge meeting

The coalition Government white paper Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHSset out the vision for the NHS of the future with patients and clinicians at the heart of commissioning decision making. To enable this vision Clinical Commissioning Groups within Derbyshire were established in shadow form during 2011 and have evolved and developed since this time ready to take on statutory duties from April 2013.

The core role of the CCG is to use the resources we have to commission (procure and contract for) health care which provides high quality, safe and effective care to meet the health needs of the population we serve.

The Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body is chaired by a GP and includes four additional GPs from each geographical area, two lay members, a nurse, and a specialist doctor from outside the area, a representative from the County Council, a Public Health Specialist, an Accountable Officer and a Chief Finance Officer.

Last night a doctor gave a presentation on the proposed North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group to a packed North East Derbyshire Council Chamber. Following the presentation many people, some ex NHS workers, challenged the CCG group members during a lively debate.

The meeting finished with several trades council delegates urging people to get organised in a constructive campaign to try and prevent this attempt at back door privatisation of our national Health service.


Chesterfield’s 36th people’s Gala and Demonstration 2013


(Registered by the T|UC Affiliated to the Derbyshire Association of Trades Councils)

c/o Derbyshire Centres for the Unemployed 70 Saltergate Chesterfield S 40 1JR

Tel: (01246) 231441   Fax:  (01246) 551529   E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

President:    James Eaden                           Secretary:       Shay Boyle

Chesterfield’s 36th people’s Gala and Demonstration 2013


May Day 2013 is fast approaching and preparations are already under way to make this event as good as it has been in the past.

The small team of volunteers has been given their various tasks which include organizing things like the May Day stalls, the route, live entertainment, marching bands, bouncy castle, May Day Program and badge designs.


The various speakers and other entertainments are being organized. And my task is to write out to Trade Union Branches asking for donations to help pay for the day.


Therefore I would be glad if you would raise this at your next branch meeting as a matter of urgency. We need money now to prepare for the big day. Please consider making a generous donation to the 2013 Chesterfield TUC May Day event.


If only a few members turn up for your meetings then try and circulate an appeal out to the members so we can get a good turnout for the day.


The 35th People’s Gala, last year’s May Day event in Rykeneld Square was a successful day with reasonable weather and good attendance for the parade, the speakers and the free entertainment. Using the Winding Wheel last year allowed us to put on more varied music groups and we hope to do the same this year.


Because of the continuing Market Hall reservations this year will be a repeat of last year with assemble at the Town Hall, 10.30am as usual and march off at 11am with speeches at Rykneld Square at 11.30am. The entertainment begins after the speeches at about 12.30pm with live bands in Rykneld Square and more live entertainment and food and drinks in the Winding Wheel.

Please raise this matter at your next branch meeting. Encourage a generous financial donation to this year’s 2013 May Day March and Rally. Sponsor a market stall, or a band or the Ireland Colliery Brass Band or even one of the speakers.


For enquiries and to send donations or indicate if you wish to sponsor an activity:

The Treasurer, Chesterfield & District TUC, c/o Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centres, 70 Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1JR .  Tel: 01246 231441.

Please make cheques payable to: CTUC May Day Account


Book a stall. Sponsor an event. Donate a cash amount.  Get involved.


I look forward to your speedy response.

James Eaden

TUC President


Trade Unions are Champions

The GMB trade union is a Chesterfield Champion.
The GMB Chesterfield No. 1 branch which has over 1000 members throughout Chesterfield and the surrounding district won the Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Branch Community Campaign of the Year Award for 2011 and we have just won it again for 2012.
The award is presented by the GMB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Region to the branch that does the most work supporting the local community. We have been involved is several campaigns protesting against poverty and campaigning for the poor, the sick, the low paid and the unemployed.
So you see, it’s not just cooperate business that can be champions, trade unions can be too.

Shay Boyle
GMB Branch Secretary


Notes from the Midlands TUC Regional Council meeting

Notes from the Midlands TUC Regional Council meeting 3rd November 2012 held at CWU offices Summer Lane Birmingham.

Rob Johnson led the discussion by commenting on Midlands TUC activity so far. Including how well the young people from the Black Country led the march in London as well as handing leaflets out. There was good coverage of the event in Birmingham and in the wider community including good cover from the Sky TV and the Daily Mirror and Union News.

The unemployed were also active in phone banking and organising projects making them front and centre to the campaign.

Stephen Barrot, GMB National Young Members Officer was very helpful.

A nervous 22 year old first time speaker led the speeches on stage.

Earlier in the year we did some workplace mapping and an online surveys as well as some door-knocking. We managed to find 310 key people to help out in our campaigns in the local communities as well as a focus group for ESCO.

Amber Valley and Broxtowe Unemployed Workers centre were very active with a NHS campaign. Erewash concentrated on Feminine issues.

A public meeting attracted over 100 people and I was glad that they were not the same old faces.

We concentrated on manufacturing. Pushing manufacturing in the communities, we know what manufacturing is – the government doesn’t. The perception is that it is a male biased and aged biased (mostly under 50).

We should frame our argument around manufacturing. It matters to the young. We need to be in there in the debates. We did a manufacturing tour around unionised factories talking manufacturing up.

There is a summit on 20thNovember in Dudley College

From the floor, the TUC Congress House was criticised because the nervous young speaker prepared his own speech. Then the TUC tore it up and supplemented it with their own. This must never happen again.


A Motion criticising the TUC for the poor organising of the march and rally like late time changes and using G4S as stewards was defeated 13 to 9 with 7 abstentions.

Rob Johnson said we asked for 50 TU stewards and didn’t get them, so we had to steward the event using an outside company. The police said our last demo was thin on stewards so we asked for volunteers. At least G4S is unionised thanks to the GMB.

Three other motions:

In support of NCC Workers;

Defend Initial Teacher Training and GCSEs were carried unopposed.

A UNISON motion congratulating Birmingham County Council for paying its employees the Living Wage of £7.20 was also carried and held up as an example to other councils to get on board and pay their employees the living wage as well. Birmingham County Council is a Living Wage County Council.

Next meeting is the AGM 23rdFebruary 2013. Nominations need to be in by end of December 2012.