Kathy Taylor

 Dear Sir,
 The Mesothelioma Compensation Bill, while beneficial to those diagnosed post 
cut off date will mean nothing from those excluded from this bill. Furness 
families of Shipyard Workers have first hand knowledge of the diagnosis of 
this terrible disease with its aftermath. Surely the time has come where all 
victims of this disease are able to seek redress. Why should those victims 
be denied because of sleight of hand from the Employers Liability Insurers, 
or the failures of government to address the problems. It is now over one 
hundred years since the dangers of Asbestos were known.
 But it is not only here in the UK that the dangers are ignored. The recent 
Geneva conference to apply the Rotterdam Convention to Chrysotile (White 
Asbestos) was effectively hijacked by the Asbestos Industry. How is the 
power of the Industry to be controlled to prevent the developing nations 
suffering the Asbestos time bomb that has caused so much suffering in the 
Western world of the UK, Europe America and elsewhere? This is against all 
advice from the World Health Organisation. Instead of applying protection to 
the the recipients of the exportation of Chrysotile its the Asbestos 
Industry that has hijacked the convention to protect thier own outdated 
 Yours Sincerly