Kathy Taylor

As I had said at last years AGM this would be my last year. At the AGM my decision to step down now would allow for the newly elected Secretary to be settled in office for the annual registrations to be completed.
The new Secretary will be Mandy Pennelum This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Mandy a GMB member is active in the Unite against facism and has over the years organised the annual Holocaust Memorial Day event. It is not an easy task taking on the role but all delegates will wish her well.
Ten years is a long time, I only expected my tenure to be short and temporary until another more experienced delegate took the reins from the late Secretary Mike Hubbold.
She will like myself and many other Secretaries experience the annual struggles to attract delegates with the affiliation fees. While some Trades Councils are large, having as many branches of a union as we have total affiliated branches its not easy for the smaller councils to conduct business if they cannot be quorate.
Therefore we need to appeal to the Union Regional Officers to ensure that the Trades Councils are supported by enabling members to attend thier local Trades Council and to work in the community.
Hopefully next month I can start to attend the CARDS (Cumbria Asbestos Related Disease Support group) which is the main reason for my initial involvement with Barrow Trades Council.
Over these past years I have many from the trades councils and the wider union movement, thanks to all for thier support at the various conferences I have attended.