2012 - New Rules for Trades Union Councils and County Associations

In recent years there have been a number of changes to procedures for trades union councils and county associations regarding TUC registration, motions to Congress and the timetable for trades union councils annual conference. There has also been a rapid increase in the number of trades union councils being created - 48 new or re-established in two years - and the possibility of another 10 in the coming year. A number of the new trades union councils have been seeking guidance on the structure of trades union councils and clarity on a number of issues on the running of a trades union council which were not evident in the previous rules.

In light of this, the Trades Union Councils Joint Consultative Committee decided that the rules and guidance should give clearer guidance to those wishing to establish trades union councils or to new officers of trades union councils and county associations about their role. The TUCJCC also wanted to ensure that the rules promoted sustainable development and directed trades union councils and county associations to contribute to local environment debates, not previously included in the rules or guidance. Your notice is also drawn in particular to the changes in conference procedures referring to the length of motions, the election of a representative/delegate to Congress and the deletion of the rule prohibiting the canvassing by and on behalf of TUCJCC candidates.

These rules replace those published in 2006 and any earlier version of rules for trades union councils and county associations. Trades union councils and county associations are asked to revise or amend their own rules to ensure they comply with the new revised rules published by the TUC.

All trades union councils and county associations are required to submit to the TUC copies of their rules when, as in the case of a new trades council or association, a new set of rules is adopted or when an existing trades council or county association amends its rules.

Click HERE for a PDF copy of the new rules is attached to this briefing.

Briefing document (400 words) issued 8 Nov 2012