This is a Trades Union Congress website dedicated to the work of trades union councils.

Trades union councils bring together unions to work and campaign around issues affecting working people in their local workplaces and communities. Trades Union Councils aim to:

  • raise public awareness of rights at work and the union role in enforcing those rights.
  • promote organising and recruitment drives to build union membership.
  • support union and community campaigns for dignity and respect in the workplace and beyond

 With the threats of racism and fascism, changes in the labour market and the effects of the recession and debates over the future of public services, the trade union voice in the community is as important as ever. The capacity of trades union councils to provide a local response and to organise trade unionists into coalitions with other progressive forces is crucial. 

They do this by providing services which keep local trade unionists up to date with developments within the wider trade union movement, and by taking up relevant local industrial and community issues.

This website has been created to help trades union councils to exchange information and build coalitions. It will also act as a contact point for those wishing to know more about trades union councils, and trade unions, and their work in the community.

A trades union council will usually cover an area or district similar to that of the local authority. To contact trades union councils in your area click on the appropriate regional heading on the right hand side, under TUCs, and a list of the trades union councils in that region, with their contact emails and addresses will appear.

For the full list click here to download a PDF version of the 2012 Directory of Trades Union Councils and County Associations