Understand and Fight the Cuts

TUC Campaign Website: Understand and then Fight the Cuts

False EconomyThe TUC has developed a website that helps people understand the Government’s cuts programme and the alternative proposals that the TUC and other progressives have expressed. This website has been developed in partnership with a group of local campaigners and on-line activists. Following the highly successful TUC March for the Alternative, False Economy continues to publish up to date information of the governments cuts to public services and its attacks on the standard of living of ordinary people. Don't forget to let False Economy know what's happening in your area.
The website has five main purposes:
  • gathering information about the cuts – both nationally and locally;
  • giving people the opportunity to provide testimony on the effects of cuts on them or their community;
  • providing the arguments and evidence that show that the coalition are wrong when they say there is no alternative;
  • giving campaign groups the opportunity to post details of their events and to link up and share tips on effective campaigning;
  • allowing people to sign up to support the site, participate in online action and find out about campaign events.False economy Twitter